Full vacuum drainage system

Full vacuum drainage systemWorking principle:Install vacuum toilet, vacuum waste water lifter and floor drain lifte

  • Model: Full vacuum drainage system

                                                                                     Full vacuum drainage system

Working principle:

Install vacuum toilet, vacuum waste water lifter and floor drain lifter at all discharge spots. The vacuum toilet is used to collect high concentration waste water. The vacuum waste water elevator is used to collect waste water from hand washing table, urinal and other drainage facilities. The floor drain elevator is used to collect ground water leakage and then enter the vacuum sewage pump station.


The tank type full vacuum drainage system can be applied to the drainage system of various buildings. The following occasions have the advantages of saving construction cost and operation cost:

● water scarce areas;

● toilet system for vehicles such as ships, trains and long-distance buses and public toilet system in remote areas;

● toilet drainage system of basement with small flow of people;

● hospital drainage system for infectious diseases, closed collection to avoid the spread of pathogens


Compared with the traditional gravity flow, the full vacuum drainage system has the following economic advantages:

● only 0.8L water is needed for flushing each time, saving 80% water compared with the flushing water of traditional toilet;

● no septic tank can be built;

● not connected with municipal pipe network;

● install a set of vacuum sewage pump station to save water and electricity cost and operation cost far more than the equipment cost increased in the life cycle;

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