Hangzhou all rivers Environmental Production Technology Co.,Ltd,(stock code:870271)

       Founded in 2006, the company is committed to innovative drainage equipment and system R & D and market promotion. Main products include: outdoor vacuum drainage system, indoor vacuum drainage system, metro station gravity flow, vacuum combined vacuum collection system, high-efficiency water-saving micro water circulation environment-friendly toilet system, large building vacuum collection system, cam type closed pump station system and low-level air pressure drainage system, negative pressure waste collection system and urban sewerage treatment equipment.

Enterprise mission:utilize technology, improve environment, benefit people.

Enterprise goal:focus on sustainable environmental technology, innovation as the soul is the purpose, win-win cooperation with customers, provide customers with more reasonable and practical all technical solutions and contribute to environmental production.

Service field:focus on vacuum sewage, sewage treatment, environmental protection toilet, vacuum waste collection.

Main business: innovative drainage equipment and system R & D and market promotion.

Main products

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Juchuan advantages

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Company honors

  • High tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province

  • Science and technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province

  • Energy conservation and environmental protection enterprise credit rating A in China

  • Science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang province 

  • New OTC market future star enterprise

  • Software enterprise in Zhejiang province 

  • Eagle enterprise in Hangzhou

  • Jianggan District Qianjiang times trust fund shortlisted Enterprises

  • Top 10 college students enterprises of cyber

  • Member department of the public toilet construction management committee

  • Innovation achievement award of toilet revolution and innovation Expo in China

  • ISO9001 Quality management system certificate

  • ISO14001Environmental management system certification

  • Occupational health and safety management system certification in China

  Mier enterprise content manager system | Mier CMS

Partial cooperation customers

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Business application fields

Vacuum drainage system                                                                                Environmental production toilet system

Subway intelligent central vacuum drainage system                                          Micro water circulation environmental protection public toilet 

Vacuum drainage system of metro section                                                         Vacuum environmental protection public toilet

Indoor vacuum drainage system                                                                         Vehicle vacuum toilet

Outdoor decentralized sewage collection system                                               Container camp vacuum toilet

Commercial catering vacuum drainage system                                                  RV vacuum toilet 

Hotel vacuum sewage system                                                                            Hotel vacuum toilet

Hospital vacuum drainage system                                                                      Marine vacuum toilet

Supermarket vacuum drainage system

Marine vacuum drainage system                                                                       Vacuum solid collection                                                                               

Vacuum drainage system of underground pipe gallery                                      Vacuum collection system of organic waste in community

Vacuum drainage river sewage interception system                                          Vacuum organic garbage collection system for commercial catering 

Reconstruction of vacuum drainage system for building drainage                     Hotel clothing vacuum collection system

Landfill leachate vacuum drainage system                                                         Vacuum transfer system of laboratory sample

Vacuum drainage system of environmental protection public toilet                    Vacuum pneumatic logistics transmission system

Low level air pressure drainage system                                                         Closed pump station of cam pump 
Air pressure drainage of metro section                                                                Closed lifting pump station drainage of metro toilet

Metro switch machine can discharge water by air pressure                                Underground space toilet closed lifting pump station drainage

Air pressure drainage of metro elevator foundation pit

Air pressure drainage system for water leakage in low-lying area of subway

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