Economy of vacuum drainage system

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The wide application of vacuum drainage system has a great environmental protection effect and resource improvement on the current society and environment. Vacuum drainage system can be applied to the drainage system of various buildings. The application of vacuum drainage systems to the following situations has the advantage of saving construction costs and operating costs:

Areas with scarce water resources;

Transportation toilet systems such as ships, trains and long-distance buses and public toilet systems in remote areas;

The toilet drainage system in the basement with small flow of people;

Infectious diseases hospital drainage system, closed collection to avoid the spread of germs;

Economy of vacuum drainage system:

Compared with the traditional gravity flow, the total vacuum drainage system has the following economic advantages;

Each flush requires only 0.8 liters of water, which saves 80 % of water compared to the traditional toilet flush;

You don't need to make septic tanks;

Not connected to the municipal network;

The installation of a vacuum sewage pumping station has resulted in savings in utilities and operating costs that are much greater than the cost of equipment with increased life cycle.

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