On the engineering application of vacuum drainage system

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The vacuum drainage system is a kind of high-speed air flow which depends on the air pressure difference to produce the sewage and take the sewage away from the appliance. It can be divided into indoor vacuum drainage system and outdoor vacuum drainage system. As a new type of drainage system, vacuum drainage system can not only save water and protect water resource environment effectively, but also has advantages of pipe network not limited by terrain, convenient installation, not easy to block, relatively small pipe diameter, good economic performance and so on. Therefore, the application field of this system is quite extensive. I will discuss it from the following aspects.

① Drainage of public buildings on the same floor. Drainage on the same floor refers to the building drainage system in which the drainage pipes (including horizontal drainage pipes and branch drainage pipes) of sanitary appliances in the toilet do not pass through the floor slab on this floor and enter the lower space, but are laid on the same floor with the sanitary appliances, and are connected to the drainage riser in this floor. Compared with the traditional drainage treatment method on the same floor, the most fundamental idea change of the drainage scheme on the same floor is that the pipes in this floor are reasonable The layout completely gets rid of the shackles between adjacent floors, and avoids a series of troubles and hidden dangers caused by the drainage pipeline occupying the lower space, including unclear property rights, noise interference, leakage hidden dangers, space limitations, etc. The vacuum toilet can be installed in the sandwich wall through the installation of the wall row. It can also be installed in the back of the toilet. The vacuum valve of the vacuum squatting toilet can be installed in an installation slot or sandwich wall at the back of the squatting toilet. In this way, the pipeline will not need to cross the floor and realize the same floor drainage.

② In mountainous areas or areas with dense water networks (especially mountain villas and waterscape villas) and old cities (especially ancient cities with cultural relic value) which are excavated on a large scale without any conditions, the reconstruction projects are unable to do their best, and a large number of lifting pump stations or inverted siphon roads are required, which greatly increases the construction difficulty and operation and maintenance costs. The vacuum drainage system provides us with a new design concept, Can better solve the above problems.

③ Drainage of large public underground buildings. Traditional sanitary drainage method is widely used in general underground buildings, but the environmental problems can not be solved, especially in some underground buildings with more toilets and more centralized, such contradictions are more prominent. If the vacuum drainage system is adopted, it can realize the upward drainage or the same floor drainage, greatly improving the use space and the arbitrary conversion of the use function of the underground floors. At the same time, the vacuum drainage system, as a completely closed drainage system, effectively eliminates the generation of peculiar smell and odor in the drainage system, and the sanitary conditions have been improved.

④ Ecological drainage system. Ecological drainage is a new concept put forward against the defects of urban drainage mode under the background of sustainable development concept in recent ten years. Compared with the traditional drainage mode of mixed discharge end treatment, the concept of ecological drainage is to realize the source control and resource recovery of domestic sewage, so as to minimize the pollution caused by human settlements water supply system and realize the benign cycle of substances. Ecological drainage advocates the source classification and source control of domestic wastewater, i.e. separate collection and recycling of human excreta, decentralized and near source treatment of domestic wastewater to avoid long-distance transmission and mixing of wastewater from different sources, and high cost of water transmission pipe network. The real toilet and vacuum drainage can be used to collect high concentration of feces and urine separately, and the collected feces and urine can be mixed After proper treatment, the waste water can be used for farmland; due to the low pollution load, the miscellaneous drainage water can be used for surface landscape or greening water after nearby treatment. Secondly, the vacuum drainage can realize the separate quality treatment. The separate quality vacuum drainage is to collect three kinds of sewage with different pollution degree, i.e. defecation, urination and miscellaneous drainage, through three vacuum collection tanks respectively. After being treated by appropriate methods, all the sewage will be recycled. The three vacuum collection tanks can share a group of vacuum sources.

⑤ Water source protection area and area with high groundwater level. As the vacuum drainage pipeline has the advantages of good airtightness and no leakage, it can be used in the water source protection area to avoid sewage leakage polluting the water source. At the same time, in the area with high groundwater level, it can also avoid the reverse infiltration of groundwater into the sewage pipeline, resulting in the increase of the load of the sewage treatment plant.

⑥ Adjacent to Lake and sea resort, scenic area drainage system. The size of vacuum drainage system is flexible, which can be used in areas with large sewage flow, such as resorts, scenic spots, etc.

⑦ The real estate development zone where the new development area and municipal drainage cannot be completed in one step. Because the vacuum drainage system does not need the auxiliary structures such as septic tank, sewage inspection well and lifting pump station, and the construction and installation are convenient and fast, it is suitable for the new development zone where the municipal drainage is not in place.

⑧ Military field exercises, workers' field construction teams, and the booming high-speed railway are also suitable for the vacuum drainage system, which will not cause serious pollution to the environment, and all resources can be realized after proper treatment.

⑨ Ecological sensitive area, sandy land and waterfront area. Under the geological conditions of shallow groundwater and quicksand, if the traditional gravity drainage system is adopted, the buried depth of the pipe network is deep. Due to the rich groundwater, the quicksand phenomenon in the excavation project is serious and the excavation is difficult. The pipe network of vacuum drainage system is shallow and less excavated, which is suitable for sandy land and waterfront area.

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