How useful is the environmental protection mobile toilet?

2020-05-05 15:05:10 admin 14

1, now more and more people flock to the city, making the city's population very dense, relatively speaking, the possibility of such infection is very large, more likely to spread. Usually the number of toilets in public places, or less hidden, is not easy to be discovered, so people often can't find a toilet, or go to the toilet to queue for a long time, so it becomes a difficult problem. More importantly, the lack of toilets, the use of local solutions, the way of urinating everywhere, the environmental health of our surroundings is so severely affected, and the image of our city has also been affected.

2. Although today's society is developing very fast, I don't know if you have found that the number of public toilets is very small or the facilities are very simple. Is it a waste of resources, protecting the environment, and protecting the environment from these different worlds?

3, the construction of modern urban public toilets can not fall behind naturally, at least in the image line with the city, has its own characteristics, but also brings the urban landscape effect.

  This is a fixed toilet compared to the traditional one! Compared with the traditional toilet, the advantages are obvious! The mobile toilet is not restricted by any working environment, the structure is light and the color is reasonable, and it is suitable for urban streets, park green spaces, stations, Docks, tourist attractions, villas, new districts, large construction sites, plazas, densely populated public places, such as bustling shopping centers.

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