Special vacuum toilet for infectious ward

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        Infectious disease hospital is an important space carrier for public health system to achieve individual prevention and control of infectious diseases, control of epidemic situation of infectious diseases, and ensure social health and stability. And the toilet of infectious ward is the most important, which is of great significance to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

       Juchuan specially designed a special vacuum toilet for infectious disease hospital ward. In addition to the advantages of the traditional vacuum toilet, the disinfection function is specially added. The equipment can automatically add disinfectant to the flushing water to prevent the spread of the virus.

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What is a vacuum toilet?

             Vacuum toilet is a new type of toilet which uses negative pressure to pump sewage. It can save water, clean and clean air. It is widely used in airtight and narrow places, such as airplanes, high-speed trains, ships, etc.

What are the characteristics of vacuum toilet used in infectious ward?

Automatic disinfection

          A device for adding disinfectant was designed to automatically add disinfectant to the toilet water to kill the virus in the fecal sewage in time to prevent the spread of fecal mouth.

Clean air

          Vacuum suction can reduce the virus overflow when flushing the toilet and take away the polluted air around the toilet. When the traditional toilet flushes the toilet, it will flush a lot of polluted air into the air, causing air pollution, while the vacuum toilet flushes less water, and uses vacuum self-priming, which can effectively take away the surrounding polluted air.

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Source reduction

Only 0.8 liter of water is needed to flush toilets, effectively reducing waste water and realizing reduction.

Classified collection

Non gravity sewage can be drained in the same layer, and the design is flexible, so as to realize separate classified collection of pollution and reduce the risk of transmission.

Main parameter

Type of vacuum toilet

           There are many types and materials to choose, convenient to choose according to the site conditions.

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  •  Water consumption: 1l-1.5l/time

  •  Power consumption: 0.005 degree / time

  •  Working power: 200W

  •  Power supply: 220V / 50Hz

  •  Sewage discharge mode: vacuum suction, no gravity discharge

  •  Sewage discharge distance: up to 20 meters, level up to 200 meters (toilet interval 55-120 seconds)

  •  Requirements for underground pipe network: no need to bury underground pipe network

  •  Whether it is convenient for centralized processing: convenient for centralized processing

  •  Vacuum equipment size: 780 * 250 * 900

Installation diagram

Equipment size and installation diagram

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Engineering application drawing

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