Hospital drainage product recommendation

Design points of hospital sewage drainage system

domestic sewage

In the traditional design of the hospital, the underground sewage is collected into the sump, then lifted by the sewage pump with reamer, and discharged out of the room. The problem of deodorization can not be solved in this way, and the sewage pump often breaks down, so it is difficult to maintain and manage. The problems of maintenance and deodorization have been solved thoroughly with the appearance of the vacuum drainage system and the closed lifting device.

   Medical sewage

     Medical sewage mainly comes from laboratory, pathology, laboratory, Stomatology, Radiology, infectious outpatient and infectious ward, disinfection supply room, etc.

     In the design of hospital sewage discharge and sewage treatment system, the sewage containing chemicals and patients' excrement is collected and treated by classification.

  • The sewage in the sick area and the sewage in the non sick area shall be separately discharged and collected;

  • The fecal sewage of infectious outpatient disease room, non infectious outpatient and ward is discharged and collected separately;

  • Other acid sewage, cyanide sewage, heavy metal sewage, radioactive sewage, mercury sewage and high temperature sewage shall be discharged and collected separately.

     The medical sewage collected separately shall be pretreated and admitted to the sewage treatment system of the area, or discharged directly after being treated separately.

     Vacuum drainage system and airtight lifting device are very suitable for hospital's requirements of sealing, classified collection and reduction control.

     Throughout the development of drainage technology, the integration and automation of traditional drainage equipment is an inevitable trend.

     The use of vacuum drainage equipment and closed sewage pump station in Juchuan has been gradually popularized.

  • Juchuan vacuum drainage system has great advantages in solving the problems of large-scale drainage points in the basement of the hospital, drainage of the upper part of the civil air defense area, drainage of large-scale laboratory and laboratory, so the vacuum drainage system has been well applied in some hospital projects.

  • It can effectively solve the problem of maintenance and deodorization of traditional sump pump lifting mode, and also has a good application.

Hospital vacuum drainage diagram

The figure below is the schematic diagram of vacuum blowdown in the indoor toilet, which can be in the form of full vacuum or semi vacuum. By controlling the opening of the vacuum diaphragm valve, the sewage can be pumped to the vacuum unit and discharged. Using full vacuum toilet can save 80% water, which is suitable for the area of water shortage.

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Comparison of vacuum drainage and gravity flow drainage in hospital

Comparison program

Traditional gravity sewage system

Vacuum blowdown system


Limited by hydraulic gradient, it is difficult to lift sewage, or it is necessary to lift pumps and structures

Inconvenient design in the same floor drainage design

Vacuum suction, not affected by gravity, can lift sewage at will

Drainage pipeline can be arranged as required, flexible and changeable

Pipe diameter

Large diameter, high cost and large-scale excavation

Slow flow rate and easy scaling

Pipeline laying takes up a large space and cannot bypass obstacles at will

Deep excavation of pipe trench, long construction period, great difficulty and high cost

The vacuum pipe diameter is small, usually 50-200mm, which can be made of PVC or PE with low cost

Fast flow rate, self flushing ability, not easy to scale

The pipeline can be laid flexibly, the direction is not limited by the terrain, and the obstacles can be easily bypassed

Shallow buried depth, small construction earthwork, simple and economic construction

Install and repair

Complicated installation, large quantities of work and imperceptible leakage

The installation is relatively small and the maintenance is simpler. The pipeline is in a vacuum state and there is no leakage of transmission medium

Odor problem

The pipe network system is semi open, with poor sealing performance, odor escaping, breeding mosquitoes and flies

The pipe network is negative pressure and completely closed, and the odor will not escape

Reconstruction of existing buildings

Difficult construction, high investment and long construction period

Easy to expand, easy to construct and short construction period

Hospital closed lifting drainage

The closed sewage lifting pump station of Juchuan consists of a complete system of sewage pump, water collecting tank, control device and relevant pipe fittings.

Compared with the traditional "concrete sewage pool + sewage pump" installation mode, it is increasingly unable to meet the requirements of subway installation and use; the new underground sewage lifting integrated equipment is constantly replacing the traditional installation mode, and is constantly accepted by people. Compared with the traditional installation mode, the new airtight lifting equipment has the advantages of saving investment, improving the underground space health environment and easy maintenance.

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