Application of vacuum drainage system of Juchuan ship

Background of ship drainage project

        At present, the sewage system of domestic ships mainly adopts vertical pipes, and the layout of toilets is greatly limited, even some toilets far from the collection box have to be cancelled. In addition, due to the large amount of scour water, the volume of sewage collection tank required by the ship is relatively large, and the space occupied by the ship is large, especially the ships that need to navigate or park in the restricted sea area for a long time, which will inevitably result in the reduction of the effective loading volume.

        Compared with the traditional gravity pipeline, the vacuum blowdown system can not only save water and protect the environment, but also has the advantages of relatively small pipe diameter, convenient pipe network installation, not easy to block, good economic performance, etc. it has been widely used in the field of aircraft, ships, trains and other transportation. For ships with precious space, the advantages of vacuum blowdown technology are especially obvious. The matching vacuum equipment and accessories technology is becoming more and more mature. Only in daily life, pay attention to prevent foreign matters from blocking and carry out simple maintenance, the vacuum blowdown system can operate reliably. With the improvement of people's living comfort and consideration of water conservation, the vacuum sewage system will gradually replace the gravity sewage system as the ship sewage system.

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Features of vacuum drainage system for Juchuan ships

  1. The flushing water volume of the toilet is small, and the single flushing water volume is about 1.5L

  2. The sewage pipe laying is not affected by gravity, has the sewage vertical lifting capacity, does not need the large slope design of the conventional gravity drainage system for the horizontal laying of the pipe, and is not affected by the inclination or turbulence of the hull.

  3. The pipeline installation is very flexible, which can easily avoid obstacles and allow upward lifting of the laying, thus reducing the installation time and saving the installation cost

  4. The blowdown pipe diameter is small, and the pipeline is allowed to be laid horizontally for a long distance, which reduces the setting of the riser.

  5. The layout of toilet is relatively loose, which facilitates the overall layout design of the system

  6. Full negative pressure closed system, no odor leakage

  7. Improve the comfort of toilet environment, clean and odorless

  8. The total amount of sewage produced by the system is reduced, and the cost of subsequent sewage treatment is reduced

Composition of ship vacuum drainage system

Toilet water is collected in full vacuum mode, kitchen water, bath water and washing water are collected in semi vacuum mode. After being collected to the vacuum unit, it will be discharged into the sewage 

treatment system by the sewage pump group

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Comparison of ship vacuum and gravity blowdown

Comparison program

Traditional gravity sewage system

Vacuum blowdown system


Limited by hydraulic gradient, it is difficult to lift sewage, or it is necessary to lift pumps and structures

Inconvenient design in the same floor drainage design

Vacuum suction, not affected by gravity, can lift sewage at will

Drainage pipeline can be arranged as required, flexible and changeable

Pipe diameter

Large diameter, high cost and large-scale excavation

Slow flow rate and easy scaling

Pipeline laying takes up a large space and cannot bypass obstacles at will

Deep excavation of pipe trench, long construction period, great difficulty and high cost

The vacuum pipe diameter is small, usually 50-200mm, which can be made of PVC or PE with low cost

Fast flow rate, self flushing ability, not easy to scale

The pipeline can be laid flexibly, the direction is not limited by the terrain, and the obstacles can be easily bypassed

Shallow buried depth, small construction earthwork, simple and economic construction

Install and repair

Complicated installation, large quantities of work and imperceptible leakage

The installation is relatively small and the maintenance is simpler. The pipeline is in a vacuum state and there is no leakage of transmission medium

Odor problem

The pipe network system is semi open, with poor sealing performance, odor escaping, breeding mosquitoes and flies

The pipe network is negative pressure and completely closed, and the odor will not escape

Reconstruction of existing buildings

Difficult construction, high investment and long construction period

Easy to expand, easy to construct and short construction period

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