The outdoor vacuum drainage system of Juchuan is a kind of drainage system, which produces high-speed air flow containing sewage by means of air pressure difference and takes the sewage away from the appliance. As a new type of drainage system, compared with the traditional gravity drainage system, Juchuan vacuum drainage system can not only effectively save water and protect the water resource environment, but also has the advantages of pipe network not limited by the terrain, convenient installation, not easy to block, relatively small pipe diameter, good economic performance, etc.

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There are two types of sewage collection pipeline systems:

  • Traditional gravity sewage collection system

  • Vacuum sewer system with vacuum extraction

Compared with the traditional gravity collection system, the vacuum collection system has the following advantages:

  • Small pipe diameter, small excavation area and shallow excavation depth

  • Low construction cost

  • Easy construction and short construction period

  • Adopt vacuum negative pressure flow, up to 7m / s, strong scouring effect, pipeline is not easy to block

  • Not affected by local soil geological conditions and groundwater level

  • Little impact on local road traffic

Juchuan outdoor vacuum drainage can be widely used:

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Rural sewage collection

The rural area has the characteristics of complex terrain, dense houses, narrow roadway, shallow rock layer and deep frozen layer, so it is difficult to use the traditional gravity flow drainage system for village drainage collection. Vacuum sewage collection technology can well adapt to the characteristics of rural topography and make up for the application defects of traditional gravity collection, with the advantages of low energy consumption and short construction period.

Mountainous areas or areas with dense water networks

In particular, mountain villas and water view villas, as well as the old city (especially the ancient city with cultural relic value) reconstruction projects that are excavated on a large scale without any conditions are unable to do their best. A large number of lift pump stations or inverted siphon roads need to be set up, which greatly increases the construction difficulty and operation and maintenance costs. The vacuum drainage system provides us with a new design concept Solve the above problems better.

Water source protection area and area with high groundwater level

Due to the advantages of good airtightness and no leakage of vacuum drainage pipeline, it can be used in water source protection area to avoid sewage leakage polluting the water source. At the same time, in the area with high groundwater level, it can also avoid the reverse infiltration of groundwater into the sewage pipeline, resulting in increased load of sewage treatment plant.

Ecologically sensitive area, sandy land, waterfront area

Under the condition of shallow groundwater and quicksand, if the traditional gravity drainage system is adopted, the buried depth of the pipe network is deep. Because of the rich groundwater, the quicksand phenomenon of excavation project is serious, and the excavation is difficult. The pipe network of vacuum drainage system is shallow and less excavated, which is suitable for sandy land and waterfront area.

Ecological drainage system

Ecological drainage advocates source classification and source control of domestic wastewater, i.e. separate collection and recycling of human excreta, decentralized and near source treatment of domestic wastewater to avoid long-distance transmission and mixing of wastewater from different sources, and high cost of water delivery pipe network. Vacuum toilet and vacuum drainage can be used to collect high concentration feces and urine separately The mixture of feces and urine is properly treated and reused in farmland

Adjacent to the lake and sea resort, the drainage system of the scenic spot

The vacuum drainage system is flexible in size and can be used in areas with large sewage flow, such as resort, scenic tourist area, etc.

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